Badung Regency

When the other rival kingdoms in south Bali were defeated by the Dutch in 1900, Badung Kingdom gained an expansive links trade. But it was last only for six years as Badung was finally invaded in 1906 through a massive battle known as Puputan Badung. The battle is commemorated by a large statue in Denpasar’s central Puputan Square.

In 1990 the area was split into two, Badung and Denpasar (a regency and a municipal). The Badung regency covers Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Kuta, and Mengwi. Meanwhile Denpasar, the capital city of Bali, covers the capital city itself and Sanur.

  • Benoa Harbour

    benua harbour - bali private tour guide & driverBenoa Harbour, situated on the southern part of Denpasar, is the place for ships delivering container from or out of Bali. It is also the departing harbour for tourist ships that cruise to nearby islands such as Lembongan, Nusa Penida, the Gilis, and Lombok.

  • Canggu

    villa canggu - private tour guide & driverCanggu, an extension of Kuta beach development as a beach resort, offers a perfect escape from the tourist crowd. Many private villas or Balinese style cottage built with a blend view of rice terrace and ocean. Most of the villas are built and own by expatriates but many of them available for short or long term lease.

  • Kuta Beach

    Kuta - Bali Tour Guide & DriverKuta Beach is a the surfer’s paradise where any tourist need except quite place are comfortably available. Kuta will still alive by all the pubs and nightclubs until 4 a.m. Amazingly, among those tourist hustle and bustle, a religious ritual rites and procession are not rare things to witness.

  • Nusa Dua

    Nusa Dua Bali - Bali Driver GuideNusa Dua, the most exclusive and well-planned tourist resort in Bali, is a place where a row of international chain hotels reside within a well-maintain resort. Before it turned into tourist resort in 1970s, the spot was a quite and dry fishermen village. Unlike at present time, it was not expensive and attractive place to live back then. Beside the luxurious tourist amenities provided, the main attraction is the white sandy beach. Tanjung Benoa, further north outside of the organized Nusa Dua area, provides extensive choice of water sports.

  • Sangeh

    Alas Kedaton - Bali tourSangeh often considered as the biggest monkey sanctuary in Bali. The sacred monkeys live within the forest of towering 30-metre-tall trees. Some monkeys are aggressive therefore beware of your belonging.

  • Serangan Island

    Serangan Bali - Bali Tour DriverSerangan island, a 73-hectare island located just 250 metres off the southeast coast of Bali, is the resident of Sakenan temple–one of the most visited temple for religious purpose on the southern part. Serangan island also known as turtle island. According to the legend Sakenan temple was founded in the 10th century by wanderer-priest Mpu Kuturan. The island can be reached by boat either from Sanur, Suwung, or Tanjung Benoa. Since a road has been built as part of exclusive resort project on the island, now it can be accessed by car, make a right turn in east of Benoa harbour intersection.

  • Jimbaran Beach

    Jimbaran Bay - Bali Season TourJimbaran, about 5 minutes driving from the Ngurah Rai International Airport, is a village for fishermen. Here you can find many fresh seafood restaurants that usualy come with fried peanuts, five type of ‘sambals’, a basket of steam rice, Balinese vegetable of ‘plecing’, and sliced fruit for desert. Diners are given opportunity to choose their fish, shrimp, or crab from the aquarium in front of each restaurant. Once you find a good fresh fish with a good deal then go for it. If not then continue your quest.

  • Taman Ayun Temple

    Taman Ayun Garden Temple - Bali Private TourTaman Ayun Temple was built in 1634 by the King of Mengwi. In 1937 the temple was restored and enlarged. The pool surrounding the temple complex gives floating impression to the temple. A smaller pool with lotus flower is built within the inner sanctum. The middle part of the temple is occupied with impressive high building for kulkul–the hollowed wooden bell– meanwhile the outer part is beautified by trim gardens (see Photo Story).

  • Uluwatu Temple

    Uluwatu temple sunset - bali tourUluwatu, means the head of the stone, is located in the edge of stone cliff in southern part of Bali. It will give an impressive picturesque view especially on the sunset time. The three courtyards are surrounded by hard weathered white coral. The guardian gate in the middle courtyard has similar appearance of East Javanese temple architecture. The sacred resident monkeys are smart enough to steel your belonging even from your pocket, so beware.